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NYC native living in Miami, available for live events, parties, and pre-recorded sets for any occasion. Andre’s music spans many of the genres of House, and sets can be catered to the client’s need or preference. For bookings, fees or questions, email AndreAviance@yahoo.comAndre4

I want listeners to really enjoy the music, the transitions, the combinations, the flow, and the message in some cases. I want them to have an emotional response of some kind; hopefully positive. Actually, what I really want is to turn them out!!!

Andre’s love for music began as a kid, regularly listening to WBLS and later WKTU, collecting cassettes, CDs, making mix tapes.  Next camevinyl and ritual weekly record shopping. Now old enough to go to clubs, he would frequent many of the best clubs in NYC & Miami; Roxy, Tracks, Paragon, Pump, Salvation, Sound Factory, Tunnel, ArenA at Palladium, Twilo, Exit, and many others. Junior Vasquez would be the single biggest influence on my DJing. Depeche Mode would be the biggest influence on my sound. Around this same time, music took a back seat because Andre became involved in a relationship, and DJing wasn’t paying the bills. In 2006, the couple packed everything and moved to Miami. To this day, my 1000 records, 500 CDs, turntables, all DJ equipment are still packed. In 2008, Andre started playing with DJ software, eventually re-learning how to mix and create new sets of dance music but only for friends and family.In 2018, newly single, after finding who he was as an individual, having been in that relationship for 20+ years, he returned to the music. Over the years many people have asked me why I didn’t pursue a career in music, so I started to put my DJ sets on SoundCloud and other music sites to see what type of reception I’d receive and was surprised by the positive results.  And then one day at an event a friend said to me:

Andre2“You’re really good, why don’t you do something with music. You’re so much better than a lot of what I hear when I go out. You would kill it, given the right opportunity.”

So that’s what I’m doing. I’m putting effort into playing music for people and having them love it. I’m making an effort to promote myself, though it’s not the most comfortable thing. I prefer for others to sing my praise than to toot my own horn. I am manifesting the reality I want, which is to play for thousands of other selves and to produce music that opens hearts,minds, chakras, specifically, the 4th chakra of love and takes you on a journey.Andre3

Only Great Music/OGM is an extremely subtle homage to Olympic Gold Medal. The objective to only play songs that sound great! Yes, that’s subjective but listen, I think you’ll find that to be true. Too many people have said you have excellent taste in music. Do something with it. So let’s see what happens. At the very least, a happy listeners & followers makes me happy. If aural ecstasy is achieved by a listener at some point in the set, then mission truly accomplished


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