Jaye aka MuzikHappy / DJ/Presenter

In 1966  ‘Born on a Friday’ in the city of Chicago,Muzik 1

Jaye (aka MUZIK) began a musical journey at the young age of twelve years old when he purchased his first vinyl record, which he still has and plays often today.  Thus starting his vinyl collection back in 1978.

He came to know different types of music and started DJ’ing to earn money for what quickly became a ‘Sound Addiction’ 😀 The best way to feed his musical needs was to spin at house parties, as well as other functions and venues like receptions, birthday parties, even his middle school class party (his very first gig). 

While getting booked in many clubs across Chicago, he soon began traveling to different states across the country, which in turn led to traveling and playing on different continents in many different countries around the world.  As he honed his skills and learned more about international music trends, Muzik took that knowledge, integrated it with American cultural music and developed it into his very own unique musical style.

MUZIK is a serious accomplished vinyl ‘MIX ARTIST’ who not only loves all types of music, but loves to share his artistic sounds with all music lovers everywhere.

This is MUZIKHAPPY,  hoping you stop by, take some time and enjoy a few sessions with him.  Wishing you PEACE AND HARMONY through 🎧MUSIC🎧

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