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Mikey Lamps is a talented DJ with a passion for underground dance music. Originally hailing from North London, he discovered his love for mixing tracks back in the early 90s and has never looked back since. After taking time out to explore the world, Mikey eventually found himself drawn to the vibrant music scene in Manchester, where he has become a respected figure in the local club scene.Mikey Lamps flyer

Over the years, Mikey has honed his skills as a DJ and developed a keen ear for the latest trends in house music. He is well known for his soulful and funky house mixes, which have won him a legion of fans, both in his hometown and further afield.

Mikey has played on a number of online radio stations, but it was during his time at Infinitytunes that he first crossed paths with JT, with whom he now collaborates on Just House Music. As an experienced radio DJ, Mikey knows how to get the crowd moving with his infectious beats and smooth transitions between tracks.

Whether you catch him live at a club or tune in to his radio show, Mikey Lamps is a true master of his craft and a fantastic ambassador for the vibrant dance music scene in Manchester and beyond.




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