DJ with almost 40 years experience!! JT loves playing a wide variety of musical genres, namely Soulful House, Old Skool House, Deep House, Soul, RnB and Hip Hop, and has gone from using Vinyl to CD’s to Digital, and still uses all three today. JT started buying vinyl back in 1984 and purchased his first […]

Lee Hodgson – (Lee H) Started DJ 21 years ago playing HardHouse/Trance/HardDance from around 1998/99 (at house parties) Then Stared Playing Professionally from Year 2000 (20+years DJ Experience) Lee started playing in Bars and Clubs around his home town of Bury from about 2000 just playing HardHouse / HardDance before getting into FunkyHouse which just took over! and he started playing funky house in bars/clubs from 2004 Currently! Just House Music Radio - DJ/Promotor - The House Sessions (On Mixcloud) - DJ/Promotor – Play the Best of House/Tech House/HardHouse/HardDance) Lee does Live streams most weekends but nothing too serious as he likes to have a laugh on these streams (and like to have a drink lol) Lee runs his own House Night called Love2House which was started in 2013 Playing House/OldSkool where he gave up & coming DJ's and Bedroom DJ's a chance to play alongside some well-known Dj’s Lee also has a Bounce House Night Called Love2Bounce – DJ and Main Promoter and again gives the chance for bedroom and up & coming DJ's to play alongside well-known Dj’s. Every DJ needs a chance and Starting Point to show off their talent. Lee is also a 100%Bounce Resident DJ playing Bounce/Scouse House But! He is recently Hooked on House Music as he had to slow down from the Hard Stuff as he can’t dance or move that fast anymore (back issues lol) especially being known as a Dancing DJ. All in All! Lee just Loves Playing Out to the Crowd. If you're feeling Great! and Fabulous whilst walking out of a Bar/Club at the end of one of his set's then Lee feels he has done his job!

“With the best part of 30 years around House Music and a constant thirst for new material Ross Moran brings a blend of uplifting, chunky and vocal upfront house with a big dose of the club classics that got him hooked in all those years ago … expect some big feelgood sounds to get you […]

Quality House Music DJ. Growing up in Watford (UK) in the early 90’s. He loved the clubbing scene and most weekends He would go out with his bro and the crew checking out the UK clubs and sounds. House music is a feeling and in his soul! Catch MIX5TA every Friday from 9pm(uk) on […]

Hey there! I’m DJ Mark Edgar, with a passion for beats that make your heart race and tunes that move your soul! I have a pasison for all house music genres, especially old skool house from the late 90’s and Tech House Turn up the volume, feel the bass, and let’s keep the house music […]

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