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Written by on 26/04/2024

How To Make More Money as a DJ!

There have never been more ways to make money as a DJ.

Here’s a curated playlist of money-making moves that can boost your bank account on and off the decks:

  • Event Promotion: Start hosting and promoting your own events. It’s not just about the music; it’s about creating unforgettable experiences that resonate with your audience.
  • Custom Mixes: Whether it’s a high-energy gym session, a classy restaurant ambience, or the thrill of a basketball game, reach out to businesses & business owners to create bespoke mixes.
  • DJ Drops and Freelance Gigs: Platforms like Fiverr offer a stage to sell unique DJ drops or custom soundtracks. You can see what’s working for others and build a service that will sell.
  • Dive into music production. You don’t have to be Calvin Harris to make money from music production. You can make music for up-and-coming DJs or artists. Create royalty-free music & sound and license your sounds.
  • Teach: Share your skills through tutorials or classes. Whether it’s 1-1 lessons or creating a Youtube channel, teaching can be just as profitable as entertainment.
  • Gear Rental: Got extra equipment? Rent it out. Your idle gear could be someone else’s treasure, especially for those just starting their DJ journey or for DJs wanting to hire equipment for a private gig.
  • Sell your vinyl: Flip old records for new revenue. Collect, curate, and cash in on your old collection.
  • Digital Tips: Build a following on platforms like Mixcloud, where fans can tip you directly or pay a subscription to your exclusic
  • Sell your mixes on USB drives. These can include exclusive DJ edits with intros and outros or unique mashups.
  • Streaming: Live-stream your sessions on Twitch or TikTok to capture a wider audience and unlock sponsorship and collaboration opportunities

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